Flag-raising ceremony17 Flag-raising ceremony16 Flag-raising ceremony15 Flag-raising ceremony14 Explorer Bun Festival13 2022-01-24_25 Thorough cleansing and disinfection works of the school campus12 2021-12-22 Talent Show11 2021-11-26 Speech Day10 2021-10-05_06 MVPA60+ Promotion Day9 中文教育領域 2021-2022年度活動8 2021-08-26 Orientation Day1 2021-09-01 and 02 Flag-raising Ceremony2 2021-09-01 First School Day Assembly3 2021-09-01 Joint Government SS National Security's Seminar4 2021-09-14 Wan Chai Job Expo – Building a Multicultural Workplace5 2021-09-23 Joint Schools Workshop on National Security Education6 2021-09-28 街坊小子木偶劇場-木偶劇表演7
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