2021-03-31 Joint School Teacher Symposium1 2021-02-26 S.6 Graduation Day2 2020-11-02 to 06 Constitution and Basic Law3 2021-02-03 Career Expo - Online4 2020-12-07 S6 Mock Job Interview in Cantonese5 Virtual Open Day cum P.6 Information Day6 2020-11-27 Speech Day7 2020-11-27 SEK History Gallery Opening Ceremony8 2020-11-04 S5 Workshops on Stress Management9 2020-11-04 Halloween Party10 2020-11-04 Applied Learning Chinese (Taster Programme)11 October and November 2020 Career Programmes12 2020-10-21 Staff Development Day13 2020-10-11 S1 Cross-subjects Lessons(Chinese and PE Departments)14 2020-09-30 Class Period(National Day and Flag-raising Ceremony)15 2020-09-29 Mid-Autumn Festival activities and Prize Presentation16 An Interview conducted by Apple Daily25 2020-06-26 A Night in Havana24 2020-05-27 and 2020-06-08 School Resumption23 2020-03-31 We Reap What We Sow21 2019-12-16 P6 Information Day20
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