2017-12-02 A Triumph in the HKTREE 2017

Kadoorie’s students representing the school entered the division of Super Capacitor Boat Loading Competition of the 12th Hong Kong Technology & Renewable Energy Events (HKTREE 2017) held in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks on 2 December 2017. Racing with 45 teams from about 30 secondary schools, we took both the champion and the 1st Runner-up prizes with a record score of more than 130,000 and 120,000 points respectively whereas the 2nd Runner-up scored only around 30,000 points. That was an overwhelming win!

HKTREE has been a renowned STEM event encompassing various model-vehicle making competitions under several divisions. It has long been a favourite event as it helps broaden students’ horizons and bring them to the next level in STEM education. The HKTREE 2017 was a techno-carnival for more than a thousand enthusiastic contestants from various primary and secondary schools across Hong Kong and Macau. Among about 400 schools teams formed by youngsters competing in 10 different divisions, our two teams were so proud to be able to stand out and reap the rewards after their weeks of hard work.

Students won the Champion in Super Capacitor Boat Loading Competition are 5A(21) Choy Kai Chuen, 5A(22) Lam Man Lung Edmond, 5B(16) Lam Kin Wah.

Students won the 1st runner-up in Super Capacitor Boat Loading Competition are 2A(18) Rai Prashan, 6A(27) Singh Har Shwinder, 6B(16) Khan Danesh.
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