2019-03 BPS Exchange

This year, from 6th to 8th March, three S.3D students, Ningwa, Shing Wing Shan and Ying Chun Yu, participated in the above program. They spent three school days having lessons with the BPS students. After the program, they shared their happy memories and interesting lessons in the band one girls’ school at the school assembly. They have made a lot of friends and widened their horizons. They found the BPS students well-behaved and eager to help. They value their opportunities to explore the facilities and equipment of another government school.
BPSC1414 BPSC1459 BPSC1463 BPSC1549
BPSC1630 AIFG3208 DOBA3850 FBDQ3761
OCCH3408 PBBT5561 SUDD0180 Sharing of the three students