Festivals Trip Around the World - drawing competition

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded in the “Festivals Trip Around the World” 「筆尖下的節慶」 drawing competition organized by Mong Kok Police Station Project Ring. The captioned competition aimed to show that there are many different types of cultural festivals from national to religious around the world with the importance to strengthen the sense of community through happiness and celebration. There are more than 60 participants who joined the competition. It is a great honor for our students to obtain this outstanding result.
Winners’ artworks will be displayed in the MTR community Art Gallery Panel in Prince Edward MTR Station from 1 Apr 2021 to 30 Apr 2021. You are welcome to find our students’ artwork in Prince Edward MTR station and share the happiness with them. The awardees are: Champion - Gurung Roshani(5C), 2nd runner-up - Ameerah Aguilar Usudan(5A), Merit – Leung AJ Wing Kei Bautista(4A), Merit – Sunita(5C)
IMG 9371 IMG 9380 IMG 9385 IMG 9388
IMG 9393 IMG 9402 IMG 9410 IMG 9421
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Champion - 5C Gurung Roshani 2nd Runner-up - 5A Ameerah Aguilar Usudan Merit - 4A Leung AJ Wing Kei Bautista Merit - 5C Sunita