2022-12-01 09 Sports day

Sports Day is one of the loved events of our school. This year, the sports days were held on 1st and 9th December 2022 at Sham Shui Po Sports Ground. We started the day with our flag raising ceremony. Throughout the course of the day, various events such as running, jumping, and throwing were conducted. Everyone remained supportive of one another during the whole event. The winners who made it to the victory felt proud of being awarded the medals and appreciation from the chief guest. Twenty S1 students performed their Cheering Dance in front of the whole school. Their efforts and courage were highly appreciated. Thank you again to everybody who made this year's Sports Day possible, and to everybody who participated: Well done!

House - Green run 2 House- Red Helpers
relay 2 House- Yellow run 3 opening flag raising 2
opening Oath taking opening Field event-High jump Field event-shot put
Field event-Javelin Helper2 students teacher and students
Field event-Long Jump Principal2 House - Blue P APs with guest
Field event-Discus relay 1 Cheering performance closing
teacher student relay- Leisure group Teacher students relay- Challenge group Class relay S1 S2 opening flag raising
Class relay S3 S4 Class relay S5 S6 Inter House gils junior Inter House Boys senior
Inter House Boys junior Inter House Boys overall Champion Inter House Girls overall Champion Inter House cheering Champion
Principal Cheering on stage pe teacher 1 S6 DSE PE
run 1 pe teacher 2 AP Mr Chan Cheering with coach
relay pe teacher 3 AP Ms Wong AP and students
Sports Day Record 2223