2022-12-21 Talent Show

Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (WK) students ramped up their talent and brought their dazzling performance for this year’s talent show, organized by the ECA Committee on 21 December, 2022.
Since we needed to keep a social distancing under the effect of Covid-19, the show was divided into two sessions for senior and junior students respectively and it was held at the covered playground. It's the first time we have put on the shows in the covered playground due to the renovation work in the school hall. Students displayed both their creativity and strong sense of humor in the singing and dancing competitions. The audience were deeply attracted by their amazing and interesting performance. The S6 classes also showed their unity and cooperation in the event of class performance. Some of the teachers even jumped to the stage and danced with them. To conclude, the talent show was full of joy and happiness. Thanks for the emcees, helpers and performers who made the Talent Show 2022 successful.
MC senior IMG 9437 IMG 9453 IMG 9478
IMG 9539 IMG 9571 IMG 9583 IMG 9596
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MC junior IMG 9817 IMG 9833 IMG 9866
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DSC 1383 DSC 1384 DSC 1680 Singing Xmas songs 1
Singing Xmas songs 2 ECA teams Lucky draw IMG 9459
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