SEK-KTS Inter-school Student Exchange Programme

On 27 Feb 2023, four S3 students from Kowloon Technical School (KTS) came to our school to enjoy a one-day SEK school life. Four S3 students of our school, IGLORIA Chloe Faye, MAU Yee-Tung Melanie, LEUNG Ka-Hang and ERAES Jericho Diwa became their buddy students and helped them to integrate into our school. The students from KTS found our students friendly and active. Our students invited them to join various games during recess and lunchtime. On the next day, 28 Feb 2023, Chloe, Melanie, Ka-Hang and Jericho paid a return visit. They enjoyed the learning atmosphere and friendship at KTS and were grateful for their hospitality.
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