English Week

Several subject departments, clubs and committees joined hands to hold English Week, which was an extraordinary cross-curricular success in nurturing the values of love and friendship while fostering English language learning. The theme In Love We Share, In Love We Grow resonated throughout the week, creating an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. From deciphering sayings of wisdom to engaging in prose reading and public speaking, students were immersed in activities that encouraged meaningful connections and self-expression. The collaboration between the Home Economics Department resulted in delectable heart-shaped cookies, symbolizing the love for mothers on their special day. The heartfelt messages written in the activity "To Mum With Love" added an additional touch of appreciation and gratitude, showcasing the deep bond between children and their mothers. Very apt as Mother’s Day was celebrated on 12 May 2024! The Kahoot Math Riddles Competition showcased the students' intellectual prowess, while the film screening of Charlotte's Web touched hearts with its profound message of friendship. The week truly exemplified the power of love, friendship, language, and learning in shaping young minds and fostering a harmonious school community.