Young Entrepreneurs 2023

Youth Summit 2023 & Young Entrepreneurs 2023
10 S4 & S5 students joined the Youth Summit by Kids4Kids 2023 on 16 September, 7 and 21 October 2023. These activities were held in the Singapore International School. Some talks and discussions were arranged for students. Through participating in the Youth Summit, students met and learnt from peers from other schools and they were inspired by experts from various industries. They also explored and discussed some local and international social issues. Furthermore, they attempted to acquire innovative problem-solving skills and entered the competition to implement their Young Entrepreneurs projects.
This year, two teams of our students were selected for the Kids4Kids Young Entrepreneurs Programme 2023-24. They are going to implement their Young Entrepreneurs projects with seed funds and mentor support from Kids4Kids for 6 months.
Mau Yee Tung Melanie (4A) and Tam Kam Hei (5B) from EcoGuard Solutions Igloria Chloe Faye, Lubag Zya Moreen Libuit, Thapa Agrim (4A) and Lee Chun Ngai (5A) from Peace B-Well
Peace B-Well is the winner of Young Entrepreneurs 2023, congratulations!
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