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2018-04-03 Excursion to Le Pain Quotidien

In preparation for the French Junior DELF A1 examination in May, the DELF class took their learning outside of the classroom with a visit to ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ on April 3rd, 2018. During the class at the bakery-café, the students got to practise ordering in French and try different French pastries. The homemade pain au chocolat was everyone’s favourite. The whole experience at ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ was amazing. It was the first time the students were able to use what they had learnt in class in a real life situation, and it was a very fun and memorable learning experience.

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2018-03-17 Multicultural Dream Pursuit Project Award Presentation

Under this project, training sessions, career visits and job shadowing exercises were provided for students to connect their aspiration and pathway with their study at school.
Our school and students were awarded:
Outstanding Participating School Award
Outstanding Participating School of Booster Services Award
Outstanding Student Award

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2018-02-11 良獅益友喜共融 魔法生涯規劃豐

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Szeto Chun

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Brian Fok

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