School Facilities

Our school was built according to the most modern year 2000 (Y2K) design. There are 32 classrooms, 3 computer rooms, 5 laboratories, a music room, a visual arts room, a home management room, a needlework room, a library, a school hall, a mini-hall, an activity centre, 3 multipurpose rooms, a covered playground, a canteen, a culture square, a volleyball court, 3 basketball courts, a staff room, a staff common room, a conference room, a STEM room, a social worker's office, a counselling room, a teaching resource centre, a parents' resource centre, some special rooms and plentiful open areas with special garden landscape design.

    IT Facilities
  • Gigabit Local Area Network with about 270 data nodes
  • A total of 160 computers are available for students' use
  • A total of 20 projection systems are available for teaching
  • Broadband internet service available
  • Every student is provided with a free e-mail account under E-Class System
  • Every classroom can have access to internet and loop system
  • A standard computer room and a well-equipped computer assisted learning
  • A Multi-media Learning Centre
  • Every teacher's desk has a node point and every teacher is provided with a notebook computer