Moral, Civic & National Education Committee

Our objectives:

  • To impart moral, civic and national education in school.
  • To help students develop positive values and attitudes, think independently, discern value issues objectively and critically, and make caring and reasonable judgements in the contexts of personal, family, social, national and global domains.
  • To enable every student to develop as an independent and autonomous person capable of embracing diverse values in an objective and respectful manner while holding a positive attitude and willing to contribute to the betterment of the family, society, country and the world.
  • Ms. LEE Suet-fong (Teacher i/c)
  • Mr. WONG Yau-hang (Deputy i/c)
  • Ms. CHEUNG Wing-sze
  • Mr. CHIU Kin-kwan
  • Ms. LAU Ka-wai
  • Mr. LO Wai-hung
  • Ms. TSANG Hoi-lun
Our work in recent years

(1) National Education:
Our school is honoured to be invited by the EDB to share our experience in promoting national education with the educational professionals from Beijing and Hong Kong in the "Exchange Program between Hong Kong Government School Teachers and Beijing Haidian Teachers - Online Professional Exchange and Sharing Session 2023".

• Presentation in Assembly:
"War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression"

"The History of the National Anthem":

• Class Periods:
Talk on Basic Law

• Quizzes:
"National Day Online Quiz Competition" (Organized by the EDB)
Our school won the "Most Active School in Participating Award" in 2022 and 2023.

"Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest" (Organized by the EDB)

"Prize Quiz on short videos about the latest development in the Mainland"

"National Security Education Inter-class Quiz"

"Constitution and Basic Law, National Security Law Quiz Competition"

"Prize Quiz on the National 14th 5-year Development Five-Year Plan"

• "Sharing under the Red Flag" after the Flag-raising Ceremony:

• Promotion of the "Constitution and Basic Law Student Ambassadors Training Scheme":

• Board Displays:

(2) Moral Education:

• "My Pledge to Act":

• Promotion of cultural harmony by understanding more about different nations from a cultural perspective:

"Exhibition & Quiz: Traditional Festivals in Hong Kong"

(3) Civic Education:

Sharing Session on Youth Development Blueprint :

Experiential Activities:


Tai O Cultural and Ecological Experiential Trip: