National Security Education Committee – Staff Development

To equip our teachers with national security knowledge a joint-school seminar, hosted by former President of Legislative Council, Mrs. Rita Fan, and a joint-school workshop were organized for staff development. Teachers learned to integrate the different elements of national security into the subjects they teach which, in turn, helps our students enrich their knowledge of national security.

On one of the staff development days, our teachers visited Tai Kwun to understand more about Hong Kong's long-established and well-developed judiciary system.

National Security Education Committee - Students Activities

SEK students are multicultural, coming from different nations. As members of the Hong Kong community, it is important to help them gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong and China, as well as cultivate their sense of responsibility as upright citizens. Through various in-school and inter-school activities, as well as values education programmes, SEK aims to foster a sense of national identity among its students and nurture them to become law-abiding citizens.
In order to ensure that our students are aware of the current developments in our country, professional development programmes are also provided for teachers to keep them up-to-date.

Big Chess Game

Principal's sharing under the flag

Exhibition and quiz

Online quiz competition

Bulletin board competition

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