Service Education Committee
  • The key role of the Service Education Committee is to promote value education, including

    (1)serving others with needs/difficulties;
    (2)loving and caring for others and society, especially the vulnerable social groups.

  • Through active participation in community services and making contributions to the community, our students are expected to gain a lot, e.g. enhancing their self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of achievement.
  • Besides, our students are also expected to gain in different ways through service education, including:

    (1) broadening their horizons and enriching their other learning experiences;
    (2) developing their potential and leadership;
    (3) enhancing their personal effectiveness competencies (e.g. self-understanding and human relations) and lifelong learning competencies (e.g. communication and information processing);
    (4) delivering valued messages of cultural harmony between the Chinese and the non-Chinese so as to develop a caring and harmonious community.

    Ultimately students can also:

    • learn different generic skills;
    • realise the value of their role in society;
    • understand the importance of uniqueness and diversity among people, and the value of serving the community; and
    • become active and responsible citizens of tomorrow

Service Education Committee (2023-2024)

Ms. LAU Ka-wai (i/c)
Ms. WONG Shuk-Hang (Deputy i/c)
Mr. CHIU Kin-kwan
Ms. LEE Po-wing
Mr. WONG Chun-san
Mr. WONG Yau-hang
Ms. YU Hiu-lam